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mailbox3000 - started and canceled

I recently started a project, called mailbox3000. It was supposed to be a messaging protocol that is suited for mobile communication, but still decentralized by design. Lots of concepts I liked very much, but I stopped it right now.

Why? The problem is simply one: Time. If you have a full job, and you want to spend some free time with something else than coding, it is simply not feasible. To start a new project, you need primarily one thing: Time. Since I like going out and summer is approaching again without any reasonble success in mailbox3000, I will rather stop now than having it going on without ever succeeding.

I guess, the best project to invest time in is then matrix. I will see what I can do here, maybe there is reasonable things to help with. If anybody is interested in mailbox3000 or wants to take over, please tell me! Otherwise, the project will run till the domains have their minimum running time and then it will cease.

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