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Due to private reasons, this calendar is discontinued! The archive is still available here and the regular events will also stay.

There are also other calendars of this kind, but they are either too crowded or too empty for me:, c3voc events,,, Sven Guckes, Grical.

Regular annual events

Since many events publish their dates at some random point in time, this calendar cannot be up-to-date all the time. E.g., by the end of 2016, nearly no event in summer has already published its dates. Thus, here is a list of annual events, ordered by their usual dates:

Name Location Date Category
FOSDEM Brussels/Bruxelles February Open Source
Chemnitzer Linux-Tage Chemnitz March Open Source
Easterhegg Changing March/April Hacking
Revision Party Saarbrücken April Demoscene
Vintage Computing Festival Europe München April/May Vintage
THSF Toulouse May Hacking
Gulaschprogrammiernacht Karlsruhe Mai/Juni Hacking
Wireless Community Weekend changing May/June diyisp
CoSin Biel/Bienne Juni Hacking
PSES Paris Juni/Juli Hacking
Camp++ Komárom Juli/August Hacking
FrOSCon Sankt Augustin August Open Source
evoke Köln August Demoscene
Bornhack Bornholm August/September Hacking
BalCCon Novi Sad September Hacking
MRMCD Darmstadt September Hacking
EuroBSDCon changing September/October Open Source
Datenspuren Dresden September/October Hacking
Classic Computing changing September/October Vintage
Vintage Computing Festival Berlin Berlin October Vintage
Hackover Hannover October Hacking
OpenRheinRuhr Oberhausen November Open Source
Vintage Computing Festival Europe - Schweiz Schweiz November Vintage
Chaos Communication Congress ? 27th-30th December Hacking
BattleMesh changing some time diyisp
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